Thursday, 17 December 2015

My friends

This is my friend. Ini kawan saya.
We are poyo. Kami poyo.
Friends forever. Sahabat selamanya.

My life

Stay up with friend to do our assignment.
What a hectic life.  Hope this semrster will finish soon

Nampak budak semangat buat kerja walaupun dah gelap dekat luar >.< dia menumpukan 100% tumpuan dekat imac dengan membuka Facebook ~(-v-~)
All of my doodle and sketches that i do for this sem.
The scorpian. This one is for my figure design class.

Gesture drawing for my assignment.

Combining of scorpion and human

Figure design

This time iswhen sir m gave briefing about fina assignment.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Petrosains Gallery

I just want to share my experience whrn visiting yhe gallery. I see a lot of unique work there 

Figure design

here's my work for sir m adsignment